Unmanned technologies applied to personal robot-assistant
Our efficient Tima-robot for medical services
Already existing Robot functionality:
  • Autonomous navigation on the route
  • Performing programmed tasks (two-way delivery of medicines, cargos etc.)
  • Following up the person/object in real-time
  • Orientation in environment and avoiding obstacles
  • Identification of voice commands and gestures
  • Operation from smartphone, tablet, web-application
  • Fleet of robots can be managed by operator, completion reporting
  • Can be equipped for indoor disinfection


ROS, OpenCV, Android, Kotlin, Web RTS, ASP.NET, PostgreSQL;

Robot purposes and even more:

  • Personal robot-assistant
  • Robot for use in medical institutions to help nurses
  • Telepresence robot
  • Promotion robot for exhibitions
  • Elder care and robots-companions
    • Entertainment and leisure robots

INFOCOM-IT expertise in unmanned technologies:

Over last 5 years engineers of INFOCOM-IT are developing technologies that allow vehicles/robots to operate autonomous in case of electronic silence mode and be safely operated in remote mode via desktop, mobile or even web application. Solution for personal robot-assistant is developed so lay person could easily operate and program it.

Personal Robot Assistant Tima for air disinfection
Software and technologies for personal robots by INFOCOM-IT
INFOCOM IT is experienced at development of industrial robotic software for the last 20 years and since 2014 at web-based and mobile-based software for autonomous robots. For the lasted five years our expertise led us to several innovative solutions, from a self-driving, autonomous vehicles, logistics robots in warehouses to medical Tima Robot for hospital assistance. As a manufacturer of high-value automated control systems INFOCOM-IT has expertise in producing design and assembling documentation, manufacturing and providing after-sales service of its products.