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Material management at elevators and oil extraction plants

The solution allows you to automate the accounting of material flows in such industries as grain storage and the production of vegetable oil. The system allows real-time management and control of the movement of raw materials for all production sites and storage locations, to take into account incoming and outgoing flows, as well as to make a material balance. This solution allows to obtain operational information about the status of the elevator, to reduce the cost of storing grain, its reception and shipment. For oil extraction plants, the solution allows you to control the movement of raw materials and materials, reduce production costs, improve quality and reduce the production time of finished products.

Traffic management at elevators and oil extraction plants

The solution allows you to automate the process of managing road and rail transport across the enterprise. The system allows you to automatically control traffic routes in real time, monitor traffic at checkpoints, receive notifications about deviations in routes, delays and vehicle downtime. This solution allows to optimize the movement of vehicles, to increase the turnover of transport, to reduce the time for in-plant logistics.

Temperature control of grain at elevators (thermometry system)

The solution is designed to remotely control the temperature mode of grain in silos and allows the operator to monitor the current temperature in silos in real time, analyze historical data. This solution allows you to quickly identify deviations in temperature and make decisions in a timely manner, which allows you to save grain and reduce losses.

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