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Production Planning

The solution allows you to automate work with a portfolio of orders for production, namely, the formation of a portfolio of orders, drawing up a production plan and production schedule. This solution allows to reduce the cost of pre-production, improve the efficiency of use of equipment and reduce production time.

Dispatcher production management

The solution allows you to monitor the execution of production programs in real time, transfer production tasks to production centers and monitor their implementation. This solution allows to increase the productivity of production and the quality of finished products.

Accounting for material flows

The solution allows you to automate the accounting of material flows in production. The material flow accounting system allows real-time management and control of their movement along all production lines, as well as to make material balance. This solution allows to reduce the cost of finished products, improve quality and reduce production time.

Tracing raw materials and finished products

The solution allows you to automate the process of tracking the movement of raw materials and materials across all production lines. The system allows you to track and save the entire history of the production of the product, as well as store its genealogy. This solution improves the quality of the finished product and provides a competitive advantage.

Automation of business processes

Solutions to automate such business processes as personnel management, document management allow you to reduce the time spent on registration and coordination of documents. These solutions allow you to increase business efficiency and reduce staff costs.

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