What we do
Unmanned technology

The solution allows you to make any transport unmanned thanks to the introduction of control systems. The recognition of road signs, markings, terrain, obstacles, remote control of an unmanned ground vehicle, route setting and other functions can be implemented.

Management of refueling stations

The solution for gas stations to integrate electric filling stations in which various forms of payment for charging an electric vehicle are implemented, as well as remote control of an electric charging station. This solution allows you to operate the charging infrastructure system without attracting additional personnel, operators, as well as quickly and conveniently receive information about the availability of charging stations, and pay in a convenient way for the user.

Corporate fleet management

The solution allows companies that use their vehicles to organize accounting for the use of vehicles, accounting for the work of drivers and cost accounting. This solution allows you to reduce optimize the cost of maintaining and managing a fleet, reduce vehicle downtime and ensure optimum load.

Parking management

The solution allows automating such parking management processes as informing drivers in real time about free parking spaces, entry, exit, and payment for parking services. This solution allows to reduce the cost of parking maintenance, reduce the number of staff, eliminate the human factor as much as possible and improve business efficiency.

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